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luke Kohen

I support creators & leaders through self-mastery & quantum healing to unlock the full expression of their soul’s gifts

Luke has been working with leaders, impact entrepreneurs, founders, and CEO’s professionally as a self-mastery mentor, quantum healer and business coach for well over a decade. Whether 1-on-1, in group programs, or retreats; Luke’s unique gifts have helped hundreds of people develop true freedom, soul fulfillment & success.

Work with
luke Kohen

I support leaders through self-mastery & quantum healing to unlock the full expression of their soul’s gifts AND ACTUALIZATION OF thier PURPOSE


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Specializing in Self-mastery mentorship, quantum healing sessions, core-energetics integration therapy, shadow work, relationship coaching & benevolent business coaching for Individuals & small groups.

As well a Culture Curation, Consulting and Advising for Web3, Start-ups and land-based projects


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Luke Kohen brings a depth of lived experience when it comes to the deeper realms of initiation, healing, & planetary service.

With a passion for supporting others, Luke has devoted himself in immersive training for his entire adult life with adept wisdom keepers, master healers, teachers, mentors and apprenticeships in multiple lineages with a focus on self-mastery. For over 15 years he’s become a bridge between worlds, translating the often unseen dynamics between others or within self, between the hidden spiritual dynamics at the foundations of reality & the outside world. Luke has supported some of the world’s brightest lights and emerging leaders, impact entrepreneurs, artists, healers and change makers.

Luke approaches this work with a deep honoring of the unique individual challenges of each soul he works with. His orientation toward healing, mentorship and self mastery include an in-depth understanding of both the shadow & light aspects of the individual journey and and the collective archetypal challenges that plague humanity at the core of our universal psychology.

With a background in bio-energetics therapy, esoteric yogas, northern and southern Indigenous wisdom traditions, Tibetan buddhism, and the ancient mystery schools; Luke has helped 100’s resolve deeply held trauma, awaken their soul gifts, actualize their purpose and build the life of their dreams.

With a healing focus on integrating the soul in the body & in full connection to the deeper realities of life; which includes a holistic relationship between spirituality, relationships, business, health, creativity and more.

His approach illuminates the invisible aspects that operate in the background of the subconscious & the blocks that prevent the higher self from being fully expressed in consistency, often sabotaging our greatest potential both in our personal journey and in connection to others.

Many revere him in his unique work for the safety, relatability, compassion, non-hierarchical, playful and profound depth of insight provided in his sessions, retreats and programs.



Luke works with 95% of his clients remotely through the Quantum field, accessing an individual’s akashic records (non-linear history of their soul’s experiences), subconscious, energy system (expression of the nervous system : chakra, meridian and energy field) soul-blueprint (seed potential of their highest soul gifts, mission and path of fulfillment / service), ancestral lineage trauma, family constellation & core-wound mapping (how we managed / coped with our reality as little ones).

Luke’s CORE-Quantum® healing sessions are a soul-healing modality focused on addressing the core energy-blocks within the nervous system and the intersection of one’s soul & spirit with the entire holistic nature of the person ie: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Genetic, Etheric, Spiritual bodies and the higher-self, adult-self, subconscious & unconscious selves (including inner child).

Luke addresses the root-causes of these blocks, helping not only illuminate, address and give language, understanding & compassion to these challenges, but assists in clearing their hold on the client.

Sessions address a wide range of issues most present or with the most amount of energetic charge in a person’s life. From deeply held limiting beliefs, trauma, to past-lives, soul-contracts, soul-retrieval and more; sessions go to the essence of what exists between where an individual IS and where they want to go in their great work in life.

Considered a multi-dimensional and karmic-healing modality, Luke has cultivated his gifts as an adept energy healer & integration therapist through a dedicated 18 years of apprenticeships & initiations. Working directly with lineage holders, wisdom keepers, master-teachers and mentors in multiple modalities. Luke built his own authentic connection, unique spiritual gifts, psychic, & channeling abilities through direct personal experience. In other words, none of what he offers was learned in a text-book but a life deeply dedicated to this work & his own healing path.

Clients can expect to be met with deep care, compassion, non-judgement and safe sacred space to deepen their spiritual journey, move themselves forward and resolve that which has gone unaddressed.

Many clients have compared his sessions to a couple of nights of Ayahuasca in 90min without the use of psychedelics & much easier to integrate.

Duration of sessions are 90min

 “Luke is one of those rare souls that can bridge the multi-dimensional with the fundamental raw nature of our shared humanity, making him able to relate to anyone through his own journey of healing deep suffering in his life. From touching the highest highs and lowest lows, this man is adept at working with profound states of consciousness, of embodying love, empathy & compassion from the highest planes, all the way down to addressing the ancestral wounds held in our bones. As an adept energy healer myself I have deeply benefited from Luke’s unique quantum healing & channeling gifts. A brother unto my heart, he has truly cultivated a level of mastery I have rarely seen in my 30+ years on this path. 

-Amorea Dreamseed 

 “I have worked with many, many healers and I have never experienced anything like Luke’s gifts or Quantum healing work. I am typically used to clearing one or two issues in a session and in just one session with Luke, we cleared over 30 blocks that were hindering my evolution, growth, happiness and self-worth. The experience is like cleaning a dirty window. Afterwards, I am left with clear vision and feeling renewed. The shift is dramatic, not only with how I feel but also how I respond to life, situations and circumstances. My relationship with others has improved and most of all, my relationship with how I see myself and how that allows me to step more confidently onto my path as a healer, teacher, lover and sovereign woman. I am infinitely grateful! 

Brooke Alexandra

Empowerment coach & Entrepreneur 



sServices 1 CONSULTING

Luke brings over a decade of consulting experience in building movements, helping start-ups, large scale events, teams and land based projects.

His speciality is in company culture, team building (coherence), systems optimization; as well as supporting negotiations & dynamics between founders.

Luke has seen that the success of projects are most dependent on the quality of coherence & connection of the core team. Having the ability to problem solve and conflict manage the invisible aspects within and between the team that often derail projects. Bringing innovative ways for building greater trust and coherence between members, expanding their leadership skills and optimizing how people play together. He is stand for a new culture within the professional world, that invites more of our humanity, vulnerability, willingness to heal and grow as necessary for creating a benevolent and successful enterprise.

Luke mainly works with start-ups, WEB3 companies and land-based initiatives that are interested in creating a GAME B model that is inclusive of new solutions, regenerative models, and more cutting edge culture as mentioned above.

Working with Luke is a sure fire way to ensure the success of your vision or project and moving it in the direction of RIPPLE OF IMPACT and away from the old models of business that create profit at ALL COSTS.

Learn more about the nuances of how the journey from Game A (only profit driven, hierarchal, emotionally suppressed, exploitative, self sacrificing etc.) -to- Game B (high quality of relating, ripple of positive impact, high returns, spiritually aligned, personal fulfillment) works.

To contact Luke Kohen and learn more about consulting fill out the brief contact form on this page.

Mentorship Programs

“I wouldn’t be able address so many nuanced challenges or accompany another soul through their deepest sh*t if I hadn’t traversed so much territory in my own hero’s journey” 

– Luke Kohen 

Dive deep with Luke Kohen over the span of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year containers in his unique one on one mentorship or group mentorship programs.

As The founder of the “School for Integrated Spirituality”, Luke brings over 16 years of experience to the table when guiding and supporting others through profound and radical transformation. 

Luke’s core focus of mentorship is based on the path of self-mastery, where he addresses the unique intersection of an individual’s soul-gifts, soul challenges and desired goals for their purpose. Luke’s mentorship anchors the foundational relationship between one’s soul, higher-self, adult consciousness, inner-child / subconscious / unconscious, multi-dimensional and relational mastery; with the focus of achieving deep integration, expansion and spiritual maturity. Assisting an individual’s soul to become the primary driver of their life and to boldly step into their greatest expression, leadership and purpose.

Deep support is focused on unpacking the totality of where one is most challenged and how they currently hold reality. Luke has helped his clients achieve not only financial freedom & business mastery but true freedom from past burdens, trauma and blind spots. Luke tends to mostly work with Leaders craving a new level of emotional and spiritual maturity.

Inclusive of someone’s holistic nature and welcoming ones totality in life, from love, relating, business, health, spirituality, community and everything in between. 

Bringing his background in Quantum Healing, Bio-Energetics Therapy, Shadow work, Benevolent Business & Entrepreneurship, relationship coaching, trauma work, bio-hacking, holistic health, ancestral healing and energy healing.

Luke has a passion in helping others create their preferred reality & step into their greatest service to the planet. 

Luke has surprised me over and over with the skills he has culminated as a channel & mentor. He has pulled through information for me that has been essential in helping me move to new stages of integration in my souls expression and my platform as a womb wisdom carrier. His ability to retrieve information in someone’s field is like hearing him read a script of the Soul. At times he had spoken to dozens of beliefs and experiences active in my subconscious, specific to my unique experience, and has helped me to clear them. His work has been some of the most powerful channeling work I’ve ever experienced, and has supported me to make life changing choices that have ultimately brought great clarity to my path and focus to my purpose. He is a force of nature and his mentorship has been a profound gift. As a business & self-mastery coach I was able to leave behind my old life and forge my most fulfilling & abundant lifestyle. I am now living the life of my creative dreams earning more each month with even less energy than I was using when I worked my older approaches to career. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about living their greatest life.  

-Marya Stark 


For purpose driven entrepreneurs: 

When we expand our container to include more shadow work we expand our capacity to hold and do more, without subtle patterns of resistance, burn out or self betrayal. When we work with greater amounts of spiritual energy and awaken more of our multi-dimensional self we enhance our capacity for deep fulfillment and greater impact. I have found that those on the path of entrepreneurship and leadership require even more support because of the levels of responsibility and bigness of their soul. Unlocking dormant gifts, deepening spirituality, wellness and walking the path of self-mastery brings massive ripples of impact into ones great work and all of their relations. 

For those seeking relief from deeply held challenges or trauma : 

When unresolved pain, past experiences, or trauma are trapped or frozen in the nervous system it can wreak havoc on the body, keep one trapped or looping in their emotional pain or manifest destructive or sabotaging behaviors preventing one’s deeper desires to create the life they prefer. Getting support and accompaniment into these hidden areas creates profound relief when true witnessing empath and energetic release happens. When we free up trapped energy, trauma, and how we relate to our own wounding; we make space for a completely new experience of life. True trauma healing happens in connection, not in a vacuum or a couple of medicine ceremonies. 

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Keynote Speaking

“Luke Kohen is a thought leader revered for his 14 years of community building. His perspectives integrate a truly embodied, multi-disciplinary understanding of the needed approaches to solving our world’s greatest challenges”


Host Luke at your next live event, mastermind, pod-cast, webinar, retreat or summit.

“A truly inspirational speaker, Luke has a warmth, eloquence, and an uncanny ability to relate to an extremely wide range of demographics & audiences. Drawing from a profound wealth of experiences & wisdom his delivery meets people exactly where they’re at on their journey, making each offering completely unique to who is in the room.”


CULTURE Curation

Services Event curation

With over a decade of event production, team building & supporting movements; Luke Kohen has bridged the worlds of transformational festivals, social-impact entrepreneurship, systems-change, philanthropic societies, universal wisdom traditions, Indigenous cultures, Inter-faith leaders, and environmental conservation. From Summits, to masterminds, from the UN, to lightning in a bottle, from the jungles to the conference room — his unique experience & access makes for a truly profound, specialized & highly refined curation experience.


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