by | Apr 20, 2020


(Art by Mark Henson @markhensonart)


Throughout the ages there have been explorers, scientists, artists, inventors, philosophers and spiritual leaders who were deemed crazy by the Society and contemporary culture they existed in at their unique juncture in history.

Only later did they become recognized or revered as innovators, leaders, and pioneers of new paradigms, whose powerful discoveries, theories, and journeys contributed to a visceral and tangible upgrade to the quality of life for humanity.

The mythos of the pioneer is woven into the fabric of human history as a necessary agent for positive change; not only for the advancement of nations but for humanity as a whole. We are at a unique crossroads in human history; where the pioneer must once again become embodied. This juncture is different from that of previous ages such as exploration or industrialization. The juncture we are facing now truly encompasses all of life on planet Earth.

This juncture will determine the evolution of our very species and calls out to the Neo-Pioneer to take action; to bring us across uncharted territory, over an ocean of populis, cognitive dissonance and deliberate mis-information

We need an effective way to implement new, Earth-centered systems in order to not only survive but to thrive as a planetary culture & community.

The Neo-pioneer is here to trailblaze a path forward toward that goal…

Where we restore, reclaim and re-inhabit our local “village”; in a way that demonstrates the embodied solutions to our global ecological crisis at a ground level, reinvigorating our sense of being part of an interconnected Global Village. This is not just about large scale projects, or isolated retreat centers, this is about a way of showing up in relationship to every facet of how we currently hold reality as a modern society. This is about stewarding a culture of benevolent change that is aware, inclusive of and in service to ALL OF LIFE.

In this way, there is a natural bi-product of such a cultural value system committed to establishing systems that find the balance between nature & technologies, commerce & regenerative , solutions, systems that are open minded enough to implement the best practices, from both the ancient & the innovative, the cooperative & the scientific.

We have the invitation from life at this critical juncture to utilize the vastness of our intelligence, creativity, inherent goodness and align with a universal orientation towards life that transcends dogma and truly honors what is sacred to all of humanity.

We must invoke a commitment that preserves what is essential for the future generations of our planet. And like the pioneers, explorers and scientists who were bold enough to challenge contemporary paradigms and theories throughout the ages, we set out to make a positive evolutionary impact on behalf of the whole. Like those who crossed the oceans to new worlds, those who re-kindled the energy of wonder, mystery and adventure in the human heart, to show that another way; a new way is possible.

-With Devotion,
Luke Kohen